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[Podcast] From Corporate World to Freelance Engineer to Running a Hardware Startup

Roberto is an electronics freelance engineer that started work in the corporate world but wanted more freedom. So he left his life in a cubicle to become a full-time freelance engineer.

Eventually, he decided to develop his own product which is a low-cost air purifier. Roberto faced some unique challenges being located and selling in a foreign country (Thailand).

He also faced various other unique challenges that required him to be adaptable in order to deliver his product as promised.

This is a great episode with tons of great lessons learned that you don’t want to miss!

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This podcast was conducted and hosted by John Teel from Predictable Designs, to see the original post please click here

Well here is my first ever podcast! I say the work “like” too many times but I hope you can bear with me and hopefully learn from my experience.

It’s been a great journey and I will never go back to the corporate world. I enjoy the freedom of being a freelance engineer and the work challenges of having your own company and being in control of it.

Is not something for everyone but if you are wondering about doing this step you really should try!

I keep learning everyday and working both as a freelance engineer and startup owner. It is a difficult juggle but it works out and I believe in my project and have good market validation so hopefully it will become much more in the future.

Have you made the jump from full time employee to freelance engineer or business owner? Share it in the comments section!

Roberto Weiser

Roberto has experience in electronic embedded systems design and programming from concept to production, including: power electronics, audio electronics, automotive, battery management systems and renewable energies control systems. Roberto is interested in technology and sustainability of which he has practical experience acquired in his University degree, Master's, external courses, placement and also from volunteering in Peru. Furthermore Roberto has skills for business, leadership and teamwork from his time as Chairman of the Latinos and Spanish Society and Resident DJ in Plymouth

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