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Hardware Development and Design

Product Definition, Initial BOM, Circuit Analysis, Schematics Capture, PCB Layout Design, PCB Manufacturing and Assembly​

Software Development and Design

Embedded Systems Firmware Design, Mobile App Development​

Product Enclosure Design

3D design for manufacturing or 3D printer.

Renewable Energy

Assessment and design of micro Solar PV and Wind power generation systems. Off-grid battery powered installations and remote energy monitoring. Financial and ROI analysis for Solar PV systems

How to start with Electronics Product Development?

Do you have an electronics product idea but not sure if its technically possible to develop it?
Are you wondering how much will it cost to develop it and the price per unit?
Are you confused about how the different parts of your product interconnect with each other?
These are the most common questions every HW Entrepreneur, maker or inventor has when thinking about developing a new electronic product.
At Developpa, we love taking raw ideas from passionate people and transforming them into actual tangible working machines.
However, before diving into full design and development, there are a few points that must be defined. These are:
Technical Feasibility – Software Architecture – Enclosure Pre-design – Timing
Without defining these points first, and just taking it “as it goes” you run into the almost guarantee chances of falling into overspending and long development time extensions.
At Developpa, we have as very first requirement for every project, to create a document where all the previously mentioned points are researched and analysed before proceeding any further. We call this work product Developpa Hardware Idea Validation and is our star electronics design services
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Hardware Idea Validation Process


Device Description

This is a brief pseudo technical description of your device which is useful when textually presenting the idea.  

Hardware Block Diagram

This "map" allows you to graphically visualize all different components from the electronic board and how they interface with each other.


Main Electronic Components

The choice of MCU, specialized chips ,power supply and electro-mechanical components will be the main cost drivers of the device and will determine its performance.  

Software/Firmware Flowchart

Visualize how the software will work and take decisions according to its inputs and outputs.  

MPLAB I/O config

Main SW/FW Components

This includes processes such as WiFi connectivity, DSP, MQTT, SD Card, ADC, etc.

Enclosure Pre-design

We can provide an early design of the enclosure if needed.

Electronic Components Bill of Materials

Approximate costs of electronic components for 1000 units.

shenzhen assembly line

PCBA Costs

Approximate costs of PCB manufacturing and assembly for 1000 units.


Depending on the market, your product will need certifications such as UL, FCC and CE  


Engineering Resources Costs

These are the cost associated with design and development of the device. 


Project Timing

Approximate development time for the HW, FW, Enclosure and product validation.

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The Developpa Hardware Idea Validation is a non-binding document, and an NDA will be signed before any proprietary information exchange.

Testimonials from Startups and SMEs

Checkout our Previous Projects

AirCleaner Personal

Industry: Home Appliances, Health
Type: Commercial – Own Product
Status: In Production
Description: Stand-alone air purifier capable of filtering PM2.5 and PM10 from a closed area no bigger than 30m2.
Development scope: DC fan, HEPA filter, moulded enclosure, off the shelf integration

AirCheck Mini

Industry: Home Appliances, Health, Consumer Electronics
Type: Commercial – Own Product
Status: Prototype
Description: Instant AQI monitor that allows users to know the air quality in terms of PM2.5 concentration of their surroundings.
Development scope: PM Sensor interface, battery charging, OLED interface, portable electronics, moulded enclosure

FireAvert v2

Industry: Home Appliances, Fire Safety
Type: Commercial – Client’s Product
Status: In Production
Description: FireAvert is plug-n-play ready. Simply plug into the back of the stove, connect the gas valve, and sync it to the closest smoke alarm. FireAvert is activated by the smoke alarm, turning off the gas to the stove and oven when the smoke alarm is sounding. FireAvert helps mitigate your risk of having a kitchen fire.
Development scope:  microphone, AC mains, DSP, Relay TRIAC control, buzzer, current sensor.


Industry: Consumer Electronics
Type: Commercial – Client’s Product
Status: In Production
Description: RAKIT® combines a compact 7-inch megaphone, 8 powerful, adjustable RGBW LED lights, noisemakers, an insert you design and it’s all fully customizable to match your team’s colors.
Development scope: multi pattern LED strip control, AAA battery, low power portable device.

Mobile Solar Charger and Powerbank

Industry: Consumer Electronics, Renewable Energy
Type: Personal Project – Open Source
Status: Prototype
Description: Portable powerbank with 5V output to charge mobile phones and tablets. It displays charging information on a LED screen and has a special circuit to optimise battery charging from a solar panel.
Development scope:  battery charging, MPPT solar charging, current and voltage sensing, 5V devices charging

DIY Air Purifier and AQI Monitor

Industry: Home Appliances, Health
Type: Personal Project – Open Source
Status: Prototype
Description: cheap and easy to make DIY air purifier for small rooms and AQI monitor for PM2.5

Wind Turbine Battery Charge Controller

Industry: Renewable Energy
Type: Non-profit NGO – Open Source
Status: Prototype
Description: 12V battery charging and protection from a 500W wind turbine
Development scope: 12V battery charging, MPPT wind charging, current and voltage sensing, relay control, power electronics

Mini Electronic Congas

Industry: Consumer Electronics, Audio Performance
Type: University Project – Open Source
Status: Prototype
Description: Musical instrument which is normally big and heavy, into a portable and easy to carry device. This is hoped to be achieved by creating a miniature version of the actual instrument that can be played with the fingers.
Development scope: DSP, piezo electric, battery charging, low power, SD Card, DAC