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Quick Thermal Stress Analysis of Design

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One of the most important design parameters is thermal stress. Thermal stress over electronic components can literally make or break the product. Constant overheating will reduce the components lifetime, make the circuit less efficient and accurate and possibly render it useless if an important component burns out. If you don’t believe me, check this videos to see what happens when too much current goes through a component:


In this Micro Course, you will learn a quick way to execute a thermal stress analysis to make sure your components can safely dissipate the required heat and the circuit will perform as expected through an example so you can learn how to find the necessary parameters and properties on the component’s datasheets. The example used in this course is the following:

Please note that this is NOT A REAL CIRCUIT, a lot of other components are required for this to work, however, it is sufficient to use it as an example to teach you how to do a quick thermal analysis. The calculations done here, are normally part of a Worst Case Analysis.

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Roberto has experience in electronic embedded systems design and programming from concept to production, including: power electronics, audio electronics, automotive, battery management systems and renewable energies control systems. Roberto is interested in technology and sustainability of which he has practical experience acquired in his University degree, Master's, external courses, placement and also from volunteering in Peru. Furthermore Roberto has skills for business, leadership and teamwork from his time as Chairman of the Latinos and Spanish Society and Resident DJ in Plymouth

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