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Design a Sustainable Circuit

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Do you know what a sustainable electronic circuit is? You probably already have an idea but not a well defined concept. But that’s OK, it turns out that it is not either a simple or well established definition in the electronics world. After all, as developers and designers our main focus, as we’ve been taught both at work and at university is to focus on the product specifications and characteristics itself, not how its components, performance, and end of life affects the environment and other people (unless you are actually designing a product with sustainability in mind from the beginning).

In this Micro Course, you will learn how to apply design principles to make your electronic circuit head into the direction of a sustainable design. This Micro Course will only focus on what you have to apply. If you want a more in-depth explanation please check the article: What is a sustainable electronic product anyway? It is highly recommended to read that articles as it complements the course. This course is just a synthesis of the article.

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Roberto has experience in electronic embedded systems design and programming from concept to production, including: power electronics, audio electronics, automotive, battery management systems and renewable energies control systems. Roberto is interested in technology and sustainability of which he has practical experience acquired in his University degree, Master's, external courses, placement and also from volunteering in Peru. Furthermore Roberto has skills for business, leadership and teamwork from his time as Chairman of the Latinos and Spanish Society and Resident DJ in Plymouth

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