Draft your Circuit Block Diagram

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A block diagram is an essential and required work product to have through the whole development cycle of the device. At the initial development stage serves as a foundation to visualize how the components interconnect each other and aid you in the design of the circuit.

It is a bit like writing a book, first you write down the topics and subtopics so you can after-wards focus on researching and writing each part.

With a block diagram you can have a similar approach; by dividing the circuit into sections, one can research separate parts of the circuits without losing track of where they are positioned in the rest of the system.

In this Micro Course, you will learn how to take a conceptual idea and break it down into parts that interconnect each other in the form of a circuit block diagram.


User Avatar Roberto Weiser

Roberto has experience in electronic embedded systems design and programming from concept to production, including: power electronics, audio electronics, automotive, battery management systems and renewable energies control systems. Roberto is interested in technology and sustainability of which he has practical experience acquired in his University degree, Master's, external courses, placement and also from volunteering in Peru. Furthermore Roberto has skills for business, leadership and teamwork from his time as Chairman of the Latinos and Spanish Society and Resident DJ in Plymouth


    1. Thank you Fernando. Developpa’s micro courses aim to help precisely young professionals starting their careers by providing them with design tools and knowledge that traditional education (university) might not have given them. Enjoy the course!

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