AirCleaner Personal

A Powerful and Affordable Air Purifier 



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Meet the AirCleaner Personal

Designed by a German Enigneer and Assembled in Chiang Mai Thailand.

The products you see at AirDeveloppa are the result of 9 months of work from an Electronics Engineer and a Product Designer. We set ourselves with the goal of making the most affordable air quality products without compromising performance. And we have achieved it!

We are also based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and absolutely love this city. We have found a local factory which can manufacture our products in quantity. We hope you love our products and wish you healthy breathing..

Clean is not a privilege!

Stop hazardous PM2.5 and PM10 from entering your lungs

Adsorbs dangerous VOCs from housework, gases and cigar smell

Smart Money: Half the price of the main brand competitors

Reduce dust levels at home and control allergies

Ideal for studios, bedrooms and small offices

Fan Speed Control: powerful or quiet, you choose

Low power consumption, cheaper electric bills!

12 months Warranty and Filters can be easily replaced

Assembled in Chiang Mai, Thailand ISO9001 Factory

AirCleaner Personal Design

Watch the AirCleaner Personal in Action

Easy Clean Air for Home!

Designed and Assembled in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Technical Specifications

Testing Data

Don’t take our word for granted! See our test results for yourself below: it can be seen clearly that the AirCleaner Personal performs just as well as its other branded competitors.

In addition, AirCleaner Personal has been independently tested and validated by the Environmental Science Research Centre at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. You can get the test results below.

People with Clean Air Reviews

AnaAirCleaner "Oreo" Facebook Review
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I decided to buy one air purifier from AirDeveloppa after some researching and today I received it and I am so happy with my decision! I live in Chiang Mai where the level of toxicity is really bad this season and the Thai Health System alerts to protect ourselves. With this machine I can feel that truly it makes the air of my house cleaner and I can feel my breathe is better. I highly recommend this product and this brand due to the quality but also the affordable price for such a professional product.
AndreiAirCleaner "Oreo" Facebook Review
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Through all the issues with their supply chain in China related to coronavirus, AirDeveloppa team kept me updated and have been very good at communicating their status. Once arrived I've been really happy with the Oreo: it keeps the bedroom air super clear (I have my own pm2.5 monitor). Thanks guys!
SeilaAirCleaner Personal Facebook Review
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I am very satisfied with Airdeveloppa purifiers and customer service! even during these times of supply chain interruptions Roberto and his team did an exceptional job. First, the gave me a refund when they got a delay in February and then last week when I ordered two units they managed to deliver in two days and accommodate my needs for special delivery since I am not in CNX at the moment. Top service, muchas gracias
CarlosAirCleaner Personal Facebook Review
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I'm very pleased with the effectiveness of the "Air Cleaner Personal". It has handled my needs very swiftly. I'm feeling pretty confident it is doing the job I purchased it for. Furthermore, It’s very easy to set up and use! Thank you.
PhilippeAirCleaner Personal Facebook Review
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Just received my 1st unit, and it works:)
NeilAirCleaner Personal Facebook Review
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We are very happy with our AirDevelopa Personal. We really notice that the air is clean within a few minutes. We would like to buy another unit!

Ready to enjoy clean air?

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AirCleaner Personal with TripleCare Filter



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Compatible HEPA Filter Replacement



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Is there any warranty? – AirCleaner Personal has shipping damage insurance and a 1-year warranty that covers any malfunctioning of the internal fan and Fan Control Box. If your AirCleaner Personal stops working please contact technical support at or AirDeveloppa Facebook Page for a free replacement of broken parts.

How long the does the delivery take? – Between 3 to 5 days if stock is available.

Are there any stores where I can pickup the product and pay by cash? – Yes, we are currently looking for resellers in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. This page will be updated when we have more information.

Do you sell the fan without the filter? – Not yet.

Can I change the speed of the fan? – Yes, the AirCleaner Personal comes with a fan box controller to adjust the fan speed. We recommend placing it at full speed for 20 minutes and then low speed for quieter operation and save electricity.

Does it works with Xiaomi filters and what’s the difference?  – The HEPA filter that comes with the AirCleaner Personal is the same as the one used in the Xiaomi Mi 2S in terms of size and dimensions and it can work with Xiaomi units. However, it does not have the RFID tag from the original Xiaomi, so the filter usage percentage function will not work.

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