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AirCleaner Personal

"Clean air is not a privilege"

AirCleaner Personal is a stand-alone air purifier capable of filtering PM2.5 and PM10 from a closed area no bigger than 25 m2. AirCleaner Personal is a product for the masses, it has been designed for people on a budget but without compromising filtering performance.


Save Money: Half the Price of the Main Brand Competitor Products

Performance Is as Good as Competitors According to Test Data

Fan Speed Control: Less Noise and Power Consumption

Safe to Use with Children in the House

Filter Can Be Replaced Quickly and Easily

Low Power Consumption, Cheaper Electric Bills

Technical Specifications

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Testing Data

Don’t take our word for granted! See our test results for yourself below: it can be seen clearly that the AirCleaner Personal performs just as well as its other branded competitors.

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In addition, AirCleaner Personal has been independently tested and validated by the Environmental Science Research Centre at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. You can get the test results below.

Ready to enjoy affordable clean air?

AirCleaner Personal has shipping damage insurance and a 1-year warranty that covers any malfunctioning of the internal fan and Fan Control Box.

If your AirCleaner Personal stops working please contact technical support at or AirDeveloppa Facebook Page for a free replacement of broken parts.

Click on the button below to access a secure payment channel. Currently, we are only selling in Thailand.


New stock will be available by mid-February. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Don't get caught off guard and waste time looking for filter replacements. Purchase two extra filters now to save money and stay covered through out the year. Filters will be automatically delivered to your address every 4 months.

Interested in becoming a distributor?

Get in touch! If you would like to sell our products and access whole sale prices please send us an email at

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