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Have you ever had that light bulb moment where you visualize a product idea and immediately after get bogged down about not being able to transform those neurons impulses into an actual working device you can use and possibly sell (or most definitely sell!)? Are you concerned about how can we design electronic products that don’t exhaust the planet resources, kill biodiversity and ultimately damage the human race?

If you feel these questions resonate with you, then you have landed in the right place!

Developpa is a community of young engineers and HW entrepreneurs interested in developing electronic products sustainably and for a good purpose.

Through articles, tutorials and practical examples, Developpa aims to help you make your HW product a reality all the way from concept to a working device that can be manufactured. As a project driven engineer, I have a very practical approach, therefore the content published in Developpa is meant to be used by engineers that are looking to take their ideas into implementation without wasting time.

I started this community because of the lack of a proper electronic product development process and methodology in university education and when working at a company. Also I found a knowledge hole on the subject of electronics sustainable design and I believe that as 21st century engineers, these principles and practices should be embedded into our daily work.

This is also a journey of discovering Iike-minded people and creating a community of engineers and entrepreneurs interested in anything and everything to do with electronic product development, sustainable design and creating stuff to improve human life.

My name is Roberto, I am originally from Venezuela, where I grew up and lived until I became 18. I then moved to England where I studied Electronics Engineering, became a Salsa DJ and developed an Electronic Mini Conga to use in my gigs (quite difficult job as the subwoofer will trigger unwanted samples :/). Interested about the topics of renewable energies and international development I moved to Peru to work as a volunteer for WindAid. During this experience I got to build and install low power wind turbines (500W to 2.5kW) for communities without access to the electrical grid and developed a Battery Charge Controller with ease of repair and components that could be bought locally In mind. After WindAid, I moved to Spain and started a Masters in Renewable Energies and Sustainability where I gained a general understanding about how the different technologies to generate power work, materials sustainability, European law and energy efficiency.

Since then, I have worked in different industries including: audio, energy and automotive. During my professional career I’ve been involved in the design, development and testing of: remote energy management systems, power interfaces, audio devices and battery management systems for the electric vehicle. Currently, I dedicate myself to add valuable content to Developpa and work as a freelance Electronics Engineer while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. If you are interested in knowing more about my background please check my LinkedIn profile.

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