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Learn how to successfully turn your electronics product idea into a real device

Learning resource and community for engineers, makers and HW entrepreneurs that need help in bringing an electronic product idea into a working prototype and are concerned about sustainability and creating products to improve human life.

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Your email address will not be shared and you will only receive relevant content. See our Disclaimer here

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6W Solar Panel Test Video

18/07/2018 - FInd out what happened when I conencted this solar panel to a 8 ohm load

Free PCB and Design Review giveaway

11/07/2018 - Need a PCB printed for free and your designed reviewed? Developpa is giving away 3!

Solar Charger and Powerbank HW Block Diagram

System Architecture of Solar Charger added

03/07/2018 - Hardware Block Diagram and Software Flowchart are now released and available for scrutiny

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Electronics Product Development

Find resources and learning material in the form of templates, project examples and Micro-Courses to help you bring your electronic product into existence

Sustainable Design

Make sure your product has a well thought end of life, low embodied energy and the minimum impact to the environment and human health

Create for Good

Technology is to improve human life, by empowering us to reach more and make harder things easier, lets work towards that goal 🙂

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Made direct to the point so you can apply the learnt knowledge straight away

Project Examples

Example projects to follow and learn about the development process

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Templates with examples in the form of spreadsheets and documents

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Product Development
Lisa Chen

PCB Technology 101

Most of us have come across PCB and FPCB in our day to day usage of electronic devices. However, few of us have ever taken time

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Sustainable Design
Roberto Weiser

Can you Recycle a PCB?

If you think about it, almost all electronic devices found out there have their components sitting in a nice looking Printed Circuit Board or PCB.

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Create for Good
Tom Bartleet

DIY Telematics Box

Lately, there has been a rise in dashcams sold worldwide to protect the driver’s insurance claims. Most of the time, these have been sufficient. I

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